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Yvonne McKenley


Role :

Communications  (email newsletters, email alerts, texts etc)

Where are you based?

Well I live in Forest Hill, South London and work in the Croydon area.  So if you’re in the area & want to meet up for lunch then get in touch.

What other hobbies do you have?

Apart from skiing, I’m really into Personal Development and can talk about it 24/7, 365!  Oh yeah and I lurve going to the Theatre.

Nubian Ski Organiser/Member Since?

I’m one of the founder members and I have been part of Nubian Ski since 2000 when the idea was first hatched.  I’ve been on most though not all the trips.

What do you most enjoy about Nubian Ski?

I enjoy being part of the Nubian Ski family.  It’s full of laughter and drama and I’ve made some great friends along the way.

Most memorable ski moments

Well the very first time I went skiing was with my secondary school.  I had a rotten time as I had on the wrong boots, I kept falling off the button lift, the food was horrible and I couldn’t understand the Italian ski instructor. 

Fast forward a few years (not saying how many you note) and add 40 other adventurous minded Nubian Skiers ... Our trip was to Keystone, Colorado & it was absolutely off the hook.  Hot sunshine, great snow, tasty food, fabulous instructors and a group of people with whom I could laugh, ski, party and debate.

After then, I knew that group holidays were fun and wanted to incorporate them into my activities.  That was 12 years ago and I’m still going strong.

Favourite Ski Resort:

For me the best ski resort was Whistler in Vancouver, Canada.  The Canadians were so polite, friendly and customer focussed.  Whistler Resort & village were beautiful and picturesque and at the après ski parties I saw ... whoops! I forgot ... I’m sworn to secrecy as whatever happens on the holiday, stays on the holiday! ...

Best Ski Holiday Tip:

Start your exercise regime WELL in advance of the ski trip.  Keep fit and ensure that you stretch as you’ll benefit from being flexible on the slopes. As you’re always moving when you’re boarding or skiing, each day is like doing an extended (i.e. day long) exercise class.  So get your body ready in advance and you feel great afterwards.

Best way to contact me:

It’s difficult for me to answer calls during the day at work, so emails and texts work best. E: / M: 07961 317379

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