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Kurt Dallas

Treasurer & Website

Role :

Organising events & updating website.

Where are you based?

​Originally from North West London, I know l reside in South East London. We all have out crosses to bear.

What other hobbies do you have?

I am an avid Photographer, I am very passionate about cricket and I still play and obviously I ski too.

Nubian Ski Organiser/Member Since?

I am the Junior member as far as the organising team but have been a member of Nubian Ski since 2004 when I decided to have a go at skiing.

What do you most enjoy about Nubian Ski?

There are so many things I enjoy, the places we have been to such as Breckenridge, Steamboat, Strawberry Springs, Hawaii, Las Vegas to name a few. The wonderful people that I have met as a result of being associated with Nubian Ski. The get-togethers outside of skiing, like the Meet & Greets, Picnic and Christmas Party.

Most memorable ski moments

I have enjoyed all of the trips, but strangely, my most memorable moment was not anywhere near a slope. In 2006 we went to Winter Park & Las Vegas, and as a result of that trip, I landed in the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. The views were simply out of this world, nature at its most creative.

Favourite Ski Resort:

My favourite resort was Niseiko in Japan, we were able to ski out of the hotel and back into it. We were treated with such great admiration while we were there, nothing was too much. I met a 67 year old Japanese man one day on the Gondola, he had worked all his life and when he retired, he decided to take up skiing.

Best Ski Holiday Tip:

Never leave home without your camera, the views on the mountains can be amazing.

Best way to contact me:

I can be contacted at or on my mobile 07956 207464 but if you hear a foreign tone, I am probably out of the country for work.

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