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Welcome to Nubian Ski

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Probably the best ski club in the world (...well we would say that, wouldn’t we!)

Greetings and welcome to the Nubian Ski Club website.

Nubian Ski Club aims to encourage people of colour to discover the joys of Winter Sports. 

Do you:

  • Have friends who scoff or laugh and say “but Black people don’t ski”?

  • Want to go skiing or snowboarding but friends / family don’t?

  • Fancy meeting new, like-minded people or connecting with existing friends?

  • Want to tick ‘skiing’ / ‘boarding’ / ‘Winter Sports’ off your travel bucket list?

  • Value travelling with a group of fun, friendly and encouraging people?

  • Like the option of paying for your holiday in instalments

  • Want to see


If you can tick ‘yes’ to three or more of these statements, then Nubian Ski is definitely the club for you.

When we began Nubian Ski Club, it was with one objective in mind, to ski and board with fun loving, like minded friends and have a laugh together. It has since grown into a small community of people with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, life styles and abilities.  As well as having fun, we also support each other, sometimes on a personal basis and sometimes on a professional basis.  But mostly we connect with respect and with love with each other. 

We hold occasional events where we encourage people who support or who are curious about Nubian Ski to attend.  As a club, we also support UK based mentoring charity, Urban Synergy. 

We encourage you to join our email list to find out about different events and activities we hold throughout the year.  The form is over to the right of the page.

Nubian Ski is open to skiers and non-skiers alike.  In addition to our winter sports activities, we also co-ordinate a variety of non-ski based events throughout the year. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Nubian Ski is a non-profit ski club based in London with over 500 members across Europe. Our main aim is to increase and extend the reach of affordable skiing holidays to the African and Caribbean community and to that end increase the network capabilities of the Afro-Caribbean community as a whole. That said, the ski club is open to anyone who is curious enough to want to join or find out more about us. So whether you’re a complete beginner, an extreme skier or you simply want to have fun on the slopes, Nubian Ski has something to offer you regardless of age or ability.


If you like what you’ve read then find out more about us by signing up for our email list, and we’ll let you know about the activities (e.g. Meet & Greets, parties, birthdays, BBQs etc) that the Nubian Ski Club either co-ordinate or other ski members invite you to, throughout the year.

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