Zell Am See 2022 - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nubian Ski and why was it formed?

Nubian Ski Club was formed in 2000 and is run by enthusiastic volunteer skiers and boarders. Our aim is to encourage people of African and Caribbean descent from the UK and across the globe to discover and enjoy winter sports.

I have never skied or snowboarded before, would I be OK for a Nubian Ski trip or will I be “left out”?

You would definitely not be left out. Each year, approximately a third of people travelling with us are beginners, a third are intermediates and a third are advanced/experts. So whatever level you are, you are in good company and will be welcomed.

Are Nubian Ski trips open to snowboarders as well as skiers?

Yes snowboarders and skiers are equally welcome on any Nubian Ski holiday.

Why are you going to Europe next year when you usually travel to places further afield like Japan and USA?

We decided to stay closer to home (UK) this year and we thought that if we are on holiday and affected by coronavirus, it would be a shorter flight / drive home. If we were caught in say USA or Japan it would involve a more complex journey back.

Will we get a full refund including the deposit if the holiday is cancelled due to Covid-19?

Yes, if the holiday is cancelled due to Covid-19 you will get a full refund from the tour operator which is ABTA protected. We are following the Foreign Office website closely for travel advice specifically about Austria. www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/austria

What does ABTA protected mean?

ABTA protection means that if your travel company goes out of business, you will be entitled to a refund which includes hotel costs. If you are abroad, your transport home will be covered.

When should I take out travel insurance?  What type of Insurance should I take out?

You will need travel insurance that covers Winter Sports. If your insurance does not cover Winter Sports (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling etc) then in effect, you are not covered. Please take out insurance now, at the start of the holiday.
If you have insurance at the point of booking the holiday, if you have to pull out e.g. due to an injury or an illness, then you may be covered by your insurance. We cannot say for sure because we are not qualified insurance brokers. We cannot recommend any insurance company but we can say that it MUST cover Winter Sports. Please check whether you already have insurance as part of your bank or building society account.

What precautions are being taken at our hotel regarding coronavirus?

The Grand Hotel follows stringent safety measures, rather than list them all in this document, please read them on the hotel website using this link: www.grandhotel-zellamsee.at/en/service-info/hygiene-measures/

How much is the holiday to Zell Am See, Austria with Nubian Ski?

The price is: £1225. This is for a standard room with a twin bed or double bed.

What is included in the price?

Flights from Gatwick to Salzburg, transfers to and from hotel, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, high tea. Please note that you will need to pay for all alcoholic and soft drinks and for your lunch.

I want to book a single room. What is the single room supplement cost?

Yes, you can do that. Can you contact Nubian Ski organiser, Kurt Dallas on kurt@nubianski.com or +447956207464

I am new to Nubian Ski, I don’t know anyone on the trip, how will I know who to share with

As members we have a chance to get to know each other at the Meet & Greet & other events that we hold throughout the year. You will have an opportunity to meet with others and decide who you get along with, and who you don’t. Plus as Nubian Ski Club organisers we have several opportunities to talk to people and get a sense of the personalities – so can “suggest” people you can share with. We have gotten pretty good at doing that over the years.

What events will you be holding throughout the year?

We are currently pulling together an events calendar and this will be published on the events page of our website: www.nubianski.com/events Please keep checking that page throughout the year.

What is the Ski Pack and why do I need it?

The Ski Pack is the collective name for the snowboard or ski equipment (skis, poles, boots, snowboard) + lessons + Lift Pass that takes up to the mountain. You choose what elements you require and pay for them, usually before we go to make the most of a discounted price. It costs more to purchase in resort.

How much will the Ski Pack cost and when will we know the prices?

We are unable to find out the cost of the ski pack until November / December when the ski resort opens for the 2021 / 2022 season. However, please put aside approximately £400 - £500 for the pack. Please note that this is not included in the price of the holiday.

What if I need to pull out of the trip for personal reasons? Will I get my money back?

If your reason for pulling out of the trip is related to having to isolate due to Covid-19 or a situation covered by insurance then you can claim back from your insurance or tour operator, otherwise, you will forfeit your deposit.